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Las Vegas gambling industry is said to have slow renewal
Fitch Ratings Service marked the American gambling market with a firm expectation on Wednesday but said it supposes that the economic restoration in Las Vegas will lag regional casino gaming markets.

In accordance with a report for the investment community, Fitch analysts summed up that gaming income increase was recommenced in many markets after a 2-year decline that diminished user expenditures at casinos overall the country. The ratings service gave the gambling business an unfavorable…read more

Tax charges stem from involvement in brother’s online sportsbook
The trial and sentencing of Patrice Tierney, wife of a US Congressman and the source of wide industry reportage last year came to a conclusion this week with the defendant sentenced to a 30 day jail term.

Tierney was convicted for her part in an Antiguan-based online gambling enterprise owned by her brother Robert Eremian. She was charged with aiding and abetting the filing of false tax returns between 2003 and 2009.